New Zealand: Auckland, TSB Wallace Arts Centre


Ahhhhh…. one of my favourite places in Auckland, Yes you would be right in thinking… “this is not a walk”.

But it is a place of peace and quiet, brilliant art collections, stunning location and sits on top of a beautiful Domain.

There is free parking here if you choose to drive or you can jump on a bus, there is a bus stop within a short walking distance from the arts centre.

Bring a picnic, camera and time…. although there is a delightful cafe here if you wish to indulge yourself. The Domain outside is very much a pleasure to eat a picnic in.

Have a look here to find more info :

10868289_10152882202713972_8231238236840046525_n 1966297_10152882207623972_460146253574683081_o 10862711_10152882203293972_4884732824605651394_o 10857219_10152882203588972_2297969917949088853_o 10580669_10152882203073972_4505865191521603627_o 10308451_10152882204598972_770987952478649326_n 1385678_10152882204433972_7761543937882764652_n

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