Some would suggest I am a certified nutter, others would suggest I am ”living my life” and close friends would simply suggest that “its just Paula”. The latter I am more comfortable with.

Having lived, so far, a very fortunate life with respect to jobs, friends, family, relationships, travel and opportunities, I would strongly advise to all, that if the opportunity is there and you are able and want to take it.. no matter how scared you are… then take it For at that moment it may feel like the wrong thing to do, but one will never regret it as it will always lead to a positive outcome.

I am very grateful to have been offered jobs, been in relationships and have had support from my family that have given me an immense amount of freedom. From being in the guide and scouting association, walking the lakes and peak districts with a friend going from hostel to hostel when I was young, to traveling to Zimbabwe when I was 18,  and then finding the perfect job and all that that brought with it to allow me, my close friends and fellow cohorts to travel to South East Asia, Asia, Europe and to see more of the UK.

I now however live in New Zealand and these next pages/blogs are to provide you guys with some inside knowledge to some amazing walks and locations, not just in NZ but in other fantastic places in Asia, Australasia and Europe. I hope you enjoy.. and thinks for reading the waffle.


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One thought on “About

  1. Amiga!!!
    I’m so happy you have crated this fantastic website, a little pice of your hart on the net.
    I loved reading your description about yourself, and it’s true….”it’s just Paula”. You’re just amazing, wonderful and unique! The only thing I missed about the things you wrote is the part when you say that you are going to come and visit LATIN AMERICA!!! Chile and the Andes Mountains are waiting for you!!! I’m looking forward to read more about all your fantastic adventures! Love you forever and thanks for always be just you. Un abrazo!!! Chile.


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